Hi everyone!

I’m hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of food, family and relaxation 🙂

I wanted to keep todays Monday Motivation short and sweet, so I tried to think of a few things that keep me going during the holidays, aka the time of never feeling like you have enough hours in the day. I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but the number one thing I myself am working on in the last few weeks of 2019 is staying present.

The holidays are a very special time that often get clouded over with stress and deadlines, etc. While you may be busier than ever, it’s so important to take time to sit with yourself and reflect on all the good things, big or small, that happened that day. The holidays mean more time with family and friends, which is a gift in itself. So, for the next few weeks, I hope you are able to slow down, reflect, and really feel the magic of the season before it’s gone!

“Be where you are now; otherwise you will miss your life.”– Buddha

xx, LCY

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