Hi everyone!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready for a good week ahead!

One thing that is a vital part of each day for me is my morning journaling routine. Some people think it’s cheesy, but it truly transforms my day when I take the time to do it. Today, I’m excited to start the first of (hopefully) many “Monday Motivation” posts! My goal is to give each of you a little extra boost in hopes of starting each week on the right foot!

This week, I want to touch on setting weekly intentions. This is something I’ve just started really getting into and I love the tone it sets for the week ahead. I’m planning on doing a full post on a morning journal breakdown, but for now, let’s focus on intentions.

Basically, intentions are goals or tasks that you want to accomplish. It can be something as small as calling an old friend or as huge as reorganizing your closet! I try to mix in both small and big goals each week so I know I’ll be able to accomplish most of them. Little wins add up!

I’ve gotten into writing down both daily and weekly intentions (daily are every day, weekly I list every Monday morning). I love a routine and I love feeling organized. There’s such power in writing down specific things you want to complete. For me, not only does it give a clear idea of what I want to get done, but it adds an extra layer of accountability. There’s nothing more satisfying then crossing off something from your to-do list.

So, today I challenge you to set the tone for the week ahead and get your intentions on paper!

Happy Monday everyone:)


One thought on “Monday Motivation

  1. Lil, I’ve always been a list maker and I agree, there is nothing better than crossing something off at the end of the day!😊


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