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Winter is here to stay, which means my skin is feeling the effects of the season! My skin is naturally on the dryer side, and when the seasons change, so does my skincare. I really try to listen to what my skin needs everyday and tailor my routine to that… sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less.

Recently, I’ve gotten very into skincare, so finding new products and testing them out is my jam. Today, I’m gonna share with y’all my go to products- what I’ve been using on repeat!


My skin can be pretty sensitive- so I try to go with a gentle cleanser and follow up with allll  the moisture. hydrated skin = youthful skin.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

This cleanser has been my go-to for years. It’s gentle and easy on the skin… one I feel good using multiple times a day. and it’s now $9!!


Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

For the longest time the idea of exfoliating seemed unnecessary and like it would do more damage than good for my sensitive skin… until I tried this. It’s won every beauty award that matters and for good reason. It’s detoxifying, brightening and something I now use 2-3 times a week. And again… can you beat that price?? ($10)

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 9.46.36 AM.png

Philosophy Purity Face Wash

This is a cleanser I’ve seen for years, but just recently tried. I love how gentle it feels, but still leaves you with a very clean feel.


I feel like toner is one step that is often left out of peoples routines. For me, it just gives that “deep clean” feeling. I tone after I wash my face, which really gets my skin ready to absorb product.

elizabeth arden toner

Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner

I found this in the skincare section at TJ max (dangerous area for me), and I love how it gives my skin that extra kick of detox- yet hydrates at the same time. Great toner to start out with if you’ve never used one before!


Glossier Solution

Yes. I may be a sucker for the pink packaging, but I truly think this is one of the best products on the market! It’s easy to use and one of the most effective toners I’ve tried.


Thayer’s Witch Hazel

Many of you are probably familiar with this product. My dermatologist always told me to keep this (or the spray) in any sport/workout bag because it’s the perfect way to treat your skin quickly after you sweat. It’s affordable and easy to find!

Facial Spray-

I love having a facial mist with me at all times. It’s the perfect way to refresh dry skin or give an extra boost to your makeup.


Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

I feel silly even posting this, because this is one thing every. single. person. i know has in their makeup bag (and for good reason). It’s the perfect way to set your makeup or refresh a look after a few hours of wear.


Evian Mineral Water Spray

Okay. Hear me out. I know what you’re thinking… Water? In a can? That I’m paying $15 for?? I can 100% say I always thought this stuff was pointless… until I found the large bottle for $7 at TJ max. Gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It gives my skin a hydrated glow that I have yet to find with any other product. I put it on right when I wake up, after makeup and before bed. Even if it’s full placebo vibes, I’m a fan.

Serums/ Oils-

The idea of applying oil to my skin didn’t exactly make sense to me, until I was gifted one and realized how incredible they are. It’s now something I can’t go a day without!


Pixi Rose Oil Blend

This is the first facial oil I tried and still use every single day. It’s incredibly hydrating and calming!


Botanics Overnight Facial Oil

The perfect product to coat on at night to wake up glowing! This stuff is buttery soft and all natural… win win.


Sunday Riley Brightening Serum

While I’ve never tried this one myself, I want to let y’all know about it! This one’s a little bit on the pricier side, but it’s the perfect splurge for the holiday season/ gifting. I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews of all the Sunday Riley products, so give it a try!


I seriously look forward to moisturizing my face all day because it makes me feel so much better. Finding the perfect one for your skin is a game changer!


Neutrogena Hydro Boost

I love this stuff. Like love love. You can find it just about anywhere and it’s so so effective. It also has hyaluronic acid in it, which is basically like liquid gold for your skin.


Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique is a brand that I really trust. This moisturizer is a great go-to for deep hydration. Perfect for the chilly, windy weather that is winter!


I loooove a face mask. To me, it’s the epitome of self care. I love mixing and matching masks based on exactly what your skin needs that day. Also, no shame in my game that every one of my favorite masks are Peter Thomas Roth… Even though they are pricey, you get a ton of uses out of each one. Truly believe they are the best and so easy to find gift sets this time of year!


PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

This is my #1. I see a difference in my skin every time I use this! And of course… pumpkin because it is fall.


PTR Rose Stem Cell Mask

This is the perfect calming mask to give you that priceless glow. I love applying this after I exfoliate to soothe any redness I may have.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 11.01.42 AM.png

PTR Cucumber Gel Mask

This mask is a combo of my two favorite skincare things- detoxifying and hydrating. This is my favorite mask to do on a Sunday evening to rid my skin of any weekend toxins and refresh it for the week ahead.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

xx, LCY






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