Hi Friends!!

Well, my favorite time of year is here and I could not be more excited. I love everything about this season… the weather, everything blooming here in NW Arkansas… After a long winter, the warmer temps are very welcome! Today, I’m feeling Spring inspired and ready to get back into the swing of things here. Below, I’m gonna talk about a few of my favorite things at the moment, some random, some just for spring. I hope you enjoy!! (make sure to click on the pictures if you want the links!)

1.) Stackable Gold Jewelry

I’m always a fan of gold jewelry but have been loving mixing and matching different pieces to spice up any outfit.

GUEST_29d68776-0664-495c-8ea4-c8330acbf943  ETTI-WL535_V1     SHAS-WL127_V1


2.) OWYN Protein Shakes

These made the list for many reasons. One of them being that springtime is a pretty busy time in most peoples lives… school is coming to an end, you may be getting the spring cleaning itch… whatever it may be, everyone is busy, so having quick and easy/ healthy meal/snack options is a must. I’ve fallen in love with these shakes. They taste like a milkshake, keep me full and don’t have any nasty ingredients! (my go-to flavors are vanilla and chocolate!)


3.) Reformer Pilates 

I am so excited to talk to you guys about my favorite new workout, reformer pilates. Pretty much, you do a variation of pilates exercises on a reformer. I just started to get more into them and I have been loving them. They are just gentle enough that I can do it a couple days a week, and are really focused on toning up the small muscles. So if you’re looking for a new workout to try, I highly recommend!! (If you’re in the Fayetteville area, I love Fayetteville Pilates and Barre)

black-shashi-star-grip_2400x   toesox-elle-grip-sock-ballet-pink_2400x

4.) Zara Spring Pieces

I recently went into Zara, which is so hit or miss for me. I surprisingly found a few super cute pieces!

5039343250_2_2_1      7147032427_2_1_1      8197030250_2_2_1  4365030406_2_1_1

Wishing you a great rest of the week!

xx, LY



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