Hello !!

Well, I’ve just begun my second week of college, which is crazy to me. It’s all happening, and it’s felt absolutely non-stop since the minute I got here.

So far, I’m loooooving Fayetteville. I truly think it’s one of the most beautiful, down to earth places I’ve ever been… and now I get to call it home… how lucky am I? If you’ve never been to NW Arkansas, do yourself a favor and check it out. It won’t disappoint!

So, as you probably saw in the title of this post, I decided to sign up for a 10k. Let’s just say I had gotten back from my first run here and was on full runners high and thought “Hey! why not sign up for a 10k in November, it’ll be fun!”… since then I’ve had a few moments of “What the heck was I thinking…??” but, I’m signed up for it and I’m fully committing myself to go for it.

If you know me, you know I typically go through stages with my exercise. I’m pretty much constantly in love with yoga, but other than that, it varies from spin classes, interval training, gym workouts, or barely any at all, etc. I like to keep a variety in my exercise. For a good portion of last year, I was hooked on running, and I got pretty good at it if I do say so myself. I was running almost every day and quickly was able to run further than I ever thought I could. Then, I hit a bump in the road. My body was tired, and quite frankly, I was bored. So, in typical Lily fashion, I decided to nix running altogether and move to something else. Now, a year later, I feel like I’m fully starting over, as I’m just working my way back into it.

I’ve been a slight perfectionist my entire life, especially with exercise. Which in some cases is good, but a lot of the times not so good. Beginning the training for the race has definitely made me take a step back and realize this isn’t gonna be perfect. It isn’t gonna be easy. It isn’t always gonna be fun. But it is an opportunity for me to challenge myself, and to make myself proud. It is an opportunity to be gentle with myself, knowing it’s not gonna be sunshine and rainbows every time I run. It is gonna be a chance for me to listen to my body while also pushing myself to my goals.

I’m bringing you all along on this journey with me. I’m excited and nervous and motivated and ready to take these next few months on with grace and strength, and I hope you will be joining me !

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Deciding to sign up for a 10K

  1. Lily girl, I am thrilled to be going on this journey with you and I know you will give it your best. It is always good to challenge ourselves as that’s the only was we can grow and move forward. This challenge will not be easy and you know what Papa says about that: “It it was easy, everybody would do it!😊 We are so proud of you for making this effort and you have our complete support in every way. Keep us posted on your progress! We love you dear, M&P ❤️❤️

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