Hi Everyone !!

This post is totally spur of the moment. Unedited, I’m sure filled with all the grammar mistakes, but here goes nothing !

As many of you know, this time next week, I will be all moved into my new home for the year. I honestly cannot believe this time has come. I have no idea where the time has gone this summer !!

I’m currently filled with a huge mix of emotions. Part of me is super excited to start this new chapter in my life, meet new people and get to finally live in Fayetteville. Another part of me is sad to leave family and friends and anxious to sorta dive into the unknown. Austin is my whole heart. I was born and raised here and I believe it’s filled with the worlds greatest people. While I do hope to make it back here when this whole college thing comes to an end, I know this 4 years ahead will fill me with so much joy and so many new experiences I simply couldn’t have if I had stayed here, in the comfort zone I call home.

These past 2 months, I’ve really been traveling the majority of the time. Nowhere too far or crazy, but trips with family and best friends that I will never, ever forget. For the past few days, I’ve tried and tried to make a point to kinda “stop and smell the roses”. I made sure to stare at the hazy skyline extra long yesterday on my AM run. I’ve caught myself just simply listening to my friends when we’re together and trying to snap a mental picture of our countless “deep talks” and belly laughs that fill me with so much happiness. And of course, I try extra hard to savor each and every bite of Matts El Rancho Queso I have left.

At this point, I have 5 whole days left. 5. Days. That doesn’t even feel real when I say it. I know the goodbyes are inevitable, and so are the tears. While this time may seem difficult and confusing, I keep finding myself over and over again telling myself “this is just a goodbye for now, not forever” and “think about how happy everyone’s gonna be in their new places !” Doesn’t make the feels go away, but definitely makes it a little easier. A thought popped into my head as I was talking with one of my best friends last night. I believe one of the reasons going to college makes people so apprehensive is because we haven’t had to feel such vulnerability really ever in our lives. When heading to high school, you had your middle school friends and nothing outside of school really changes. Going to college, almost every aspect of your life changes, which is something people don’t typically feel super comfortable with, including myself.

I’m comfortable with my life. I love my family, friends, home, city, bed, etc. But as I look at the year ahead, I get filled with excitement thinking about how much I’m gonna grow. I really haven’t had to make new friends since I was 8 years old heading into 2nd grade in California (2nd-grade friendships, a whole different ball game haha). I’m gonna have to adjust to dorm living. I’m gonna have to adjust to school and a whole new level of independence… But all of this is part of life and part of growing up. All of this will make me a better person. All of this is stuff that I’m genuinely nervous yet excited about.

I’m looking at this year ahead with an open mind and a whole mix of emotions, that I feel are totally normal. Lots of prayers, lots of hugs, and lots of gratitude towards my current and my future home.

These next few months will be a time of incredible growth, stepping out of my comfort zone, new experiences and new people. I can’t believe this time has really come, but its here, and ready or not, I’m coming for you Arkansas.

Lots of love and Woo pig !!


4 thoughts on “Pre- College Reflection

  1. Lily, I don’t even know what to say after reading this unbelievable post! I’ve read it several times with pride in my heart and tears in my eyes for the mature young woman I see you becoming. You are such a deep thinker and you verbalize your thoughts and feelings so well…. perfect for a journalism major! Change is never easy but it produces growth, plus, the anticipation and unknown of a new situation is always worse than the reality! I love your realistic attitude and outlook for the coming weeks for all involved. You’re gonna do fine and of course we are thrilled to have s new Razorback so close to call the hogs with! We love you dearly and couldn’t be a prouder Mimi & Papa!❤️❤️ GPS!!!


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