What Being A Women In Food Means Today.

I’m sitting on a plane, 32,000 ft in the air. I along with my family are heading to California… It’s been years since I’ve been back to the beautiful place I called home for 2 short years, so I couldn’t be more excited.
I looooove flying. There’s something peaceful about it to me. Its quiet (most of the time), it’s secluded and safe and gives you time to just be. Even when the wifi (that I dropped $8 on) isn’t cooperating and there’s a row of screaming 9-year-olds to my left, I still can’t help but be content. On this particular flight, I’ve gotten some good reading in… I hit my usuals; Bon Appetit, Texas Monthly, and yes, even Pinterest.
Another reason I have a love affair with this tube in the sky is the opportunity it gives me to sit with my thoughts. I’ve been feeling very inspired lately, which is a welcome change after my radio silence of the past few months. My brain was on overload with school, finals, graduation, etc. Now that summers here, its time to unwind and spend some time doing what I really enjoy doing… FINALLY.
So as I was sitting here I began to think about all the women in food that constantly inspire me and drive me to continue my passion, even if society sees the restaurant industry as a male-dominant culture (something that is quickly changing). Instagram has been an outlet that has allowed me to discover hundreds of powerful women who are breaking the glass ceiling, opening their own restaurants, working as a successful line cook (typically filled with men), moving up the ranks at the top food editorial companies…These are all small things that are culminating together to create a movement that I hope to one day be a part of.
When I really think about the evolution of women in food, it excites me. It’s something that truly gets me fired up. Who says a woman can’t do just as much if not more than their male counterparts in food? I think food is something that people often dismiss as just a part of our daily lives when in reality, it is the one thing that universally brings us together… how cool is that?? If I had to list two things that I am pretty passionate about, it is powerful, driven women (knowing them, admiring them, striving to be one) and food. Combine the two and I’m thrilled. I feel lucky to live in an era when the idea of women doing what they want, no matter what society thinks, is supported. This gets me excited about the future and what is to come in my career.
I also feel lucky to be from the great city of Austin, TX, where women are quickly making their mark in the industry. A couple of local examples are Margaret Vera Of Fresa’s Al Carbon and Launderette, Jade Matthews and Mickie Spencer of Hillside Farmacy, Naomi Seifter of Picnik. And then the list could go on and on of women around the country but to name a few… Carla Lalli Music, Molly Baz, Rachel Karten, Julia Kramer and Claire Saffitz of Bon App. Magazine, Cecile Richards, Julia Turshen, Eden Grinshpan. Each of these women has done great things and it’s only the beginning. I look at them all and think to myself, “I actually can do that” or “Yea, a woman can work among powerful men and thrive” or “Yea I can grill a mean steak” (haha).
All some pretty cool gals if I do say so myself. To sum up this rant and the 9 million thoughts on my brain right now, I can’t wait to dive into the food industry myself, whether it be as a chef or a food writer or critic, I know I will be doing so among some amazing women who are making an incredible difference in this world.
Hope you guys are having a good day and hope to be back soon !

One thought on “What Being A Woman in Food Means To Me

  1. Lily, this is one of my favorite posts yet even though I think I say that every time you write a new one! You have such an exciting future ahead of you and whether you decide to become a chef, food writer, critic, or all three, you are going to do amazing things and you will fit right in among those incredible women you mentioned earlier! I love you, sweet girl! ❤️


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