A quick workout that’ll make you sweat💦

  1. 1-2 mile run
  2. 10 squats (I use a 30 lb bar.. but it definetly took time to get to that)
  3. 10 single leg deadlifts with bicep curl (on each leg with 15 lb free weight)
  4. 1 min plank
  5. 20 deadlifts with bar weight
  6. 20 hip raises with bar + 20 pulses at top at end
  7. 1 mile run/ cool down
  8. Stretch (very important:)

Repeat circuit (not run, just exercises) 2-3 times.

If you’re not a runner, don’t be intimidated by the run… feel free to incline walk it or half and half. Listen to your body and know what’s best for you. This is a great workout to start using weights. I’ve worked up to these weights, so by no means should you expect to use a certain weight your first time trying it. Do what you can!

Xx, LY

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