Hi Friends!

I can officially say that I’m DONE with junior year! Classes are finished, finals are over….ahhhh. The sweet season of Summer is upon us!

Summer is easily the most relaxing time of year in my book. While this particular summer will be busier than usual (college applications, essays, etc.), I’m still thrilled it’s here. With summer comes Texas heat… AKA 105º on the regular. Being a native Texan, I’ve survived my fair share of summer scorchers and one thing always remains the same… Smoothies are the ultimate cool down.
Today, I want to share with you all some of my staple ingredients to build the perfect (& customizable) summer smoothie. With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to seasonal perfection!

1.) Frozen Cauliflower-

I know… When I first got into making more smoothies, I thought this was crazy. Cauliflower in smoothies?? It doesn’t exactly sound appealing but, I can promise you there is zero taste and it creates the smoothest, creamiest smoothies out there (& not to mention packed with nutrients!). It’s the one ingredient I never leave out.

2.) Frozen Greens-

Pretty simple, but VERY necessary. In my opinion, smoothies are the easiest way to get in all your greens, especially right off the bat in the AM. Again, there’s very little taste but they’re loaded with beneficial nutrients. My go-to’s are spinach, kale and mixed greens.

3.) Banana (or any fruit)-

While fruit isn’t 100% necessary in your smoothie, it tastes amazing and is perfect to add a sweet touch if you’re new to the smoothie making world! I love adding 1/2 a banana for a rich, creamy blend or mixed berries for a lighter, tangy sip. My favorites at the moment are banana, blueberries, mixed berries and dark cherries.

4.) Almond Milk-

My love for almond milk is and will always be real. The sweet, creamy flavor is unbeatable and is the perfect thing to bind all your ingredients to smoothie perfection! I’ve tried various brands and always seem to come back to the same few… At the moment it’s Califia Farms Almond Milk. Simple ingredients and usually pretty easy to find in all my local groceries.

I hope this gives you the inspiration to start creating some smoothies of your own right in time for the Summer season! Remember, they’re 100% customizable so have fun with it! Wishing you a lovely rest of your week…


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