Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know, Mind Body Glow also has an Instagram account where I post daily, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s a casual, fun way for me to connect with hundreds of people instantly, which is amazing! I also know many of you don’t get to see the Instagram side of it so, today I though I would share some of my favorite Instagram posts of late! I hope you enjoy!

Farmers Market Haul-

A picture perfect Saturday morning started with yoga, Whole Foods breakfast with the family and a farmers market run with my lovely mama. What could be better?

I picked up fresh peaches (peach season is here.. FINALLY:), local honey, a loaf of sourdough rye, summer squash, radishes and flowering dill.

Breakfast View-

There’s something absolutely perfect about breakfast and especially this one! Sweet and salty, a match made in heaven. Toast #1- Avocado, arugula, soft scrambled egg, chives and Trader Joe’s Everything bagel seasoning (if you haven’t tried, it’s a game changer!). Toast #2-Trader Joe’s Creamy Raw Almond butter, coconut chips, goji berries and bee pollen.

Post-Farmers Market Lunch-

While I love the idea of my farmers market finds lasting me long throughout the week, this rarely happens. I get too excited and end up using it all up within hours of buying, which is perfectly fine with me when I create a lunch like this one! Massaged kale salad, za’tar roasted summer squash, ghee mushrooms, fresh radish, homemade cashew avocado pesto and a toasty slice of sourdough. Recipes will be on the blog soon!

A warm hug in a bowl-

What’s more comforting than a warming bowl of oats? Not much in my opinion. I’ve been working on perfecting my cauli-zucchini oats and I think I hit the jackpot with these! I subbed my regular Almond milk with coconut milk, making these more rich and decadent than ever. I then topped them with yogurt, sliced peaches, goji berries, almond butter and bee pollen.

Sunday Evening Hodgepodge Perfection-

The dinner hunger struck and I needed a bowl of good food asap. I opened the fridge and threw everything I came across in a bowl and voila! Greens, shrimp, sweet potato, kraut, tomatoes and cashew pesto. Too good.

Good Words-

This past week, I posted about how I’m going to be introducing various other aspects of Mind Body Glow on my Instagram, rather than just posting food pics. I’m so excited to start sharing more of all things wellness and hope you can join me! (Be sure to check out my Instagram account, @themindbodyglow)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the other side of Mind Body Glow, please make sure to check out my Instagram for posts like these/ many more to come! Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week!


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